Be Calm…

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Title: Be Calm…

Category: Short Story **Outsiders Fanfiction**

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Chapter Number and Title: 1 Back home

Author’s Note: Welcome! Short Story Number One! Enjoy!<3

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                I stepped out  of my small apartment, wiping my face of sweat from the Tulsa heat. I looked around and after the 10 years of living here before I moved. I never ever thought I ‘d end up downtown.  Tears started to fall down my face on how much I missed this place.

                You see, I used to live here until I was 10 and moved to London. Yes, London. I still don’t know why I moved in the first place, it’s still a family mystery. My drunk dad won’t tell me, nor my dad…he’s dead.  So that will forever remain the mystery of my life. But hey, I’m back now…it’s ok…right?

                I wonder if my old friends would recognize me, probably not, since I’m taller, my short hair is actually longer, and black instead of blonde. My voice has changed since I have a new accent sort of thingy.

                I walked further and further and realized I was heading towards the DX like it’s a force of habit.   One of my closest friends Sodapop Curtis works there along with his buddy Steve I’ve known them both for a long time. We used to play football a lot with his brother Darry, and I was the only girl there, and it worked out, rather well, they thought of me like another sister, I did pretty well in school and helped Ponyboy with his homework sometimes.

                Then there was my best friend, Johnny Cade. I used to walk to the lot and stayed with him, and when the weather got cold, he stayed at my house for a couple of days, my folks didn’t care if he stayed for a few days or a week. We’d play cards and he always seemed to win. I didn’t mind, but I never knew how he did it.

                I finally got to the DX, and looked down at my old black hightop sneakers, nervous as hell.

                I still remember the day I left, like it was fresh in my mind…

                I stepped out of my house deep in the east side to see my friends all lined up, sad looks plastered on their faces. I ran to Johnny and cried my eyes out in his shoulder; he hugged me back and kissed my cheek, making them bored. I’d think I’ll miss him most of all…we got so close, and now I’d have to go away forever, it was unfair, it was all so unfair.

                “Aiden, this isn’t goodbye…” He whispered to me, making me wanna cry more.

                My parents hollered at me to get to the car. I hugged everyone last time, and got in the car.

“What’s wrong miss?” A familiar voice called out to me, I looked up and realized I was in the DX, and Soda was standing right in front of me.

                “S-s-soda?”  I greeted my new british(ish) accent with my old southern accent mixed.

                “Aiden?!” He smiled still wondering if this was all real.

                “Dude!” I said running to him in a hug he hugged me back laughing smiling and looking at me.

                “Look at ya Aiden, you’re so tall! Damn you still look the same…” He complimented.

                “Thanks?” I laughed.

                “When ya get into town dude?” He asked me smiling and grabbing a few Pepsis and handing me one.

                “Thanks,” I smiled flipping off the cap with one flick.

                I took a glug of a Pepsi and feeling a certain pair of eyes on my arm. I turned back and saw Soda staring at my scared, bruised and cut arm. I looked over and Soda staring at me, disappointed and sad.

                “Aiden what happened?” He asked.

                Well that’s the question what did happen? My mom scratching my arm in, or smashing it with a coffee mug, the past 6 years were all a big blur to me. I wasn’t the most popular girl in school, but I got ahead a couple of grades and graduated all ready. FREEDOM!

                “I uh, um…” I stuttered, before shaking and starting to cry, Soda hugged me again rubbing my back and whispering comforting words like ‘don’t cry’ and ‘it’s okay’.  He pulled me away and wiped my tears.

                “M-m-my mom…”  I cried into his shoulder.

                “Hey, it’s ok, she ain’t  gonna hurt ya no more..” He replied trying to comfort me again.

                It was working but I just wondered how Johnny would feel about this.  Would he be mad? Sad? Guilty?

                I just needed to get away, and now…I have…at least I’m safe…for now…


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